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Friday, 29 January 2010

Visual Inspirations

I am currently trying to gather together all of the visual imagery that I collect over the period of a month and bring it together into a series of posters. With every new month comes a new desktop folder where I house absolutely anything that catches my eye and gives me goosebumps. The sources can range from a page of a magazine that shares a beautiful illustration to one of the many talent dripping portfolios that I stumble across when online. By bringing together my favourite findings into a poster per month (Dec 09 shown above) I can remind myself of the inspirations, the motivations and the innovations that inspired me and kept up my creative spirits high. I began this process in August of last year and am shortly about to start my new February folder, so there will be quite a lot of visuals to sort through!

Unfortunately, there are too many individual items of work within the image for me to credit everyone. It is probably best to just appreciate them for what they are, though I can specify who each creative involved is if requested.

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