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Monday, 12 October 2009

Sunday = Funday

Sunday saw the entirity of Geoff (minus the lovely Katie who was whisked away to Aberdeenshire) join together for what became the most mammoth of mammoth photo sessions. It was known early on in Geoff's creation that portraits inspired by our favourite blog, Sexy People, were to be incorporated into the collective.

Geoff's founders all had their portraits taken as a means to promote Geoff and celebrate the fun ahead (viewable here). And so it was finally time for the remaining members to have their portraits taken too.
Ultimately, this sunday activity brought about over 1,300 frames of the most STUNNING photography/modelling, mounds of gingerbread men and cupcakes, morally obscene levels of hairspray, absurd posing of the most monumental type, hula hooping, some serious 80s tunes and finally... the presence of a kindly, quiet, stuffed dog.

It was immense and the outcome will most certainly be shared here shortly!

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