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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

the power of time off

Great talk or loads of rubbish?
me like it. 

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  1. I think Stefan Sagmeister is mostly a load of rubbish. A pop-star of the design world. His work is great and interesting, but I think his character, as a whole, is making the design world more pretentious and ridiculous. Now, we don't just become successful designers-- we must aspire to be pop-star designers. At least at my college, that's how it is. They are teaching us to think so deeply/conceptually that the fundamental of communicating clearly and beautifully sometimes disappears completely off the radar.

    But, the idea of a sabbatical is an interesting one. My university does that for our professors on a rotation system, but seeing the sabbatical show each year-- I'm not exactly sure how greatly it has improved any of their work. Attitude maybe, but not design.

    Also, how shitty must you feel on the day you finally go back to work after a year of playing? Unimaginable.