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Geoff Collective is a design agency based in Edinburgh and is comprised of the city's finest, most enthusiastic and creative students... It's true we really are the best- you can even ask our Mums.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

"G, E, O, F, F"

For an exhibition coming up this week our Collective was asked to design a roll of wallpaper to show within the exhibition. Excited by the project though daunted by the limited time, we decided a simple idea nicely executed would be a great way to introduce Geoff to the viewing public. Each member of Geoff was photographed mouthing the letters, G, E, O, F and F. After looking through everyone's photos, we picked the members who were most clearly pronouncing the letters so that we could combine the photos (allowing for the portraits to read our collective's name to the viewer without literally writing it.)

We like to think that Geoff's work speaks for itself, and hopefully the wallpaper sums this up. I'll upload a few more photos of the wallpapers progression and production. We're all very happy with it and so excited to see it exhibited.

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